Welcome to Teacher Manager, the ultimate solution for managing your private lessons. Our software is designed to help tutors like you save time, reduce administrative tasks, and focus on delivering high-quality instruction to your students. With Teacher Manager, you can easily create and manage your lesson schedule, track your earnings, and communicate with your students and parents.

Some key features of Teacher Manager include:

  1. Barcode for each student: Teacher Manager assigns a unique barcode to each student, which you can use to keep track of attendance, payments, and progress.
  2. Multiple subjects: The program supports multiple subjects, so you can manage all your lessons in one place.
  3. Barcode printing: Teacher Manager allows you to print multiple barcodes at once, making it easy to manage large groups of students.
  4. Usage reports: You can generate usage reports to track your teaching hours, student attendance, and revenue.
  5. Easy customization: Teacher Manager is highly customizable, so you can easily add, edit, or delete lesson details and student information.
  6. Flexible editing: You can edit any part of the program to fit your specific needs and preferences.
  7. User management: Teacher Manager allows you to manage multiple users, such as tutors, administrators, and parents.
  8. Role-based permissions: You can assign different levels of access and permissions to each user, ensuring data privacy and security.
  9. Payment receipts: You can generate payment receipts for your students, which can be printed or sent by email.

With Teacher Manager, you can streamline your lesson management process, save time and effort, and grow your tutoring business. Try Teacher Manager today and see the difference it can make in your teaching experience!